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ups and downs (mostly downs) and a RANT

bleh. so full of ups and downs:

found out I made over $200 in commision for last month :)
really hurt the two people that I love most in the world
broke down and had to leave work early

got info on umass's dramaturgy grad program. let's just hope it doesn't loose creditation by the time i want to go there.
buffy good.
burnt the edge of my thumb on the cookie sheet while making garlic bread.

this morning:
had an image of a black something with a warning in white written on it. couldn't read the warning and went away after just a second. can't bring up the image clearly enough to read it.
had a "real life is overwelming me" break down before I left for work starting with thoughts about things and pushed over the edge b/c the left over chicken wasn't put away. Spent about 10 minutes sobbing uncontrolably with one shoe on.
had a car covered with snow.
had something in my shoe.
(start rant, resisting urge to use all caps)
so, because of the break down above, by the time i pulled myself togther i was running later than i wanted to so i couldn't go and get Audrey more windshield wipper fluid. That girl sucks down soo much of the stuff!!! So it's snowing and i figure it will be ok to drive w/out the stuff b/c i could just use the snow.
So, first of all it takes FOREVER to pull out of the driveway. And then the road was really backed up!! it took me two sets of red lights to get through. Then, once I got onto the highway eveyone was going really slowly! And then everyone was stopping. It turns out that there was this really big accedent and I saw at least 6 cars on the sides of the road. ouch! so after I finally got past that, it was snowing so hard that there was barely any visablilty. We were going about 40 miles an hour. At least there was enough snow to keep my windshield clean. Then, once we got out of the really bad area and were moving faster again, we slowed down again b/c there was a really long line of cars waiting to get down the off-ramp at my exit. grrrr. at least there was a long enough red light for me to call work and let them know I was running late. And my car slid around a little bit, but it was ok. And then the traffic up the hill to work was moving really slowly also. But I finally made it into work only 10 minutes late and with a clean windshield.


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