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The weekend was good.

Friday: started off crapy w/the laundrey card being a pain, but I got it working and got everything ready to make my newest mix tape: musicals - everything from Cabaret to Rocky Horror Show to Rent.

Picked up Nayone and we went to the mall to look for black shirts for her. I was good and only spent money at Yankee Candle. However, i will go back to the mall b/c H&M and Charolette Russe are really kick ass stores and have black courderoys. I want black courds.

Then went to the SSFFS meeting. Hugs to Rhipowered who did a good moderating job even if no one showed up. I totally know how that feels.

Then to the store and back home where I made dinner. Aerith had gotten some really nice wine and with the candles I bought at the mall, it was very romantic.

Then the three of us watched Sleepy Hollow. There were a lot of shots i didn't remember. I guess I had closed my eyes at those points the first time I watched the move. Nayone is right, there was too much "Depp-revation" before watching this movie...although i recently saw Chocolat and parts of What's eating Gilbert Grape.

Saturday: Aerith ran his game. We got a deck of many things. The goddess Ehlonna blessed my cleric and (with the aid of an aurgry spell) she got 50,000 xp and a candle of illumination instead of having to "fight death". So now I have a 12th level cleric. it makes taking metamagic feats so worth it!! I just have to become more neutral.

sunday: work, not too bad. got to watch the 300th and 301st ep of the Simpsons. Wasn't bad. It was funny when Lisa had a dream about the Seven Sisters and the personification of Smit played La Cross and kissed the personification of Bryn Mawr :)

This morning: started off productive. I made the first half of my mix tape. got all the songs I wanted on side 1 on side 1. yay.
it started snowing on the highway about half way through my drive. It was so light and was blowing in such pretty patterns on the road tha i wished that i either wasn't driving or had a video camera so i could watch it later. Got to work safely. Started to skid/fishtale when i turned the corner onto the street work is on, but luckly Aerith's instructions kicked in and Audrey and I were fine. I'm dreading going home though.

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