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musicals mix

so, here is my muscials tape mix. I wanted to include "Snuff that Girl" from Urinetown but i ran out of tape.

Side A
Rocky Horror Show (new cast) - Science Fiction Double Feature
Cabaret (origional cast) - Wilkomen
Cabaret (origional cast) - Don't Tell Mama
Evita (Patti La Poine Version) - Buenos Aires
Evita (Patti La Poine Version) - Another Suitcase in Another Hall
Assasins - Unworthy of Your Love
Into the Woods (origional cast) - I Know Things Now
Into the Woods (origional cast) - Agony
Into the Woods (origional cast) - On the Steps of the Palace
The Who's Tommy (movie version) - Amazing Journey
The Who's Tommy (movie version) - Pinball Wizard
Once More with Feeling (the Buffy musical) - I've Got a Theory
Once More with Feeling - Under Your Spell

Side B:
Once More with Feeling - Rest In Peace
Once More with Feeling - Walk Through the Fire
Once More with Feeling - Where Do We Go From Here
Thoroughly Modern Millie (Broadway version) - The Speed Test
Thoroughly Modern Millie - They Don't Know
Thoroughly Modern Millie - Forget About the Boy
RENT! - Light My Candle
RENT! - Tango: Maureen
RENT! - I'll Cover You
RENT! - Take Me or Leave Me
RENT! - What You Own
Urinetown - Don't Be a Bunny
Urinetown - Run, Freedom, Run
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