Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

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grrr...i forgot my lunch at home. and now i'm really hungry (on a break) and I don't have my snack with me and I'm going to have to go spend money of food. Less money for nyc! this BLOWS!!!!

At least I had a good night last night. Came home to Aerith and Munin making beef strogenoff(sp). Cute boys cooking for me! Yay! And we got to watch the pilot of Twin Peaks. I am officially freeked/intreagued. I can't wait to see more. And then after Munin left...*tmi switch kicks in* well...yeah :)

Not too much else. glad lj is working again.

Oh, and everyone has to go see the play at Smith b/c Nayone is working really hard in it. It's this weekend and next weekend.
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