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weekend in NY (state)

Last weekened I went to visit my sister in NY.

Friday night we went to see a very good production of Miss Julie with some phenominal lighting choices. We also went to this auction that was really interesting to watch. There was some nice stuff being auctioned, but i didn't bid on anything b/c i didn't really have the money. There was this really nice japanese tea set that i wanted. oh well. not that i drink tea anyway. The most interesting thing being auctioned was a comemoratve stake (the wooden kind) from the 100th episode of Buffy and a signed pic of sarah michelle geller. First prize to anyone who can guess how much it went for.* Then I got tired so Cimmy and I went back to her dorm so I could sleep. However, there was some asshole down the hall playing guitar in a QUIET dorm until 3am (when we called security). Thus I did not get much sleep that night.

Saturday proved to be dreary out so Cimmy and I scrapped out idea of heading into the city and went to the little mall close by instead. We ended up seeing the movie version of Chicago b/c we figured it would count as a show. OMG! SOOOOOO GOOD!! All should see it. I just loved the way that they combined the stage show/cabaret with the reallity of the movie by making so many of the songs happen in Roxy's head. It just WORKED so well. Cimmy and I noticed mismatched gobos during "the cell block tango" *giggle* and that scene was really hot. I also liked the way that the girls pulled the red scarf when they killed their mate and the forgen girl pulled a white scarf. I always thought that she was supposed to be innocet. It was a really good way of showing it. The whole movie was really hot and sexy.

Cimmy got some hair dye at the mall and we dyed her hair. It came out really well. I got some new shoes :) on sale :) :) and they fit!! :):):)

Then we went to dinner with some of her friends. They were really cool people, who don't get cool nicknames right now. :) I hope to stay in touch with them. After dinner we went back to Cimmy's room and played some Apples to Apples. Then they went to see Daredevil, but we stayed in and watched some Simpsons and then I went to bed. It was quiet so I got to sleep :)

Sunday I got up early and read some of my wonderful translation of The Odyssey and finally finished my scarf. Then we had brunch and said our goodbyes and I started the drive home. What an aweful drive! It was misty-rainy almost all the way back. The kind of rain that causes each car to have a little mist cloud around them. ick! But then when I got to where I usually get onto the highway to return from work, the weather cleared up and it was a beautiful drive. too bad it was only for the last 30 min or so.

After I got back, I was really really really tired. Driving really takes a lot out of you!

Yesterday was ok. work was busy. today work is quiet (she says, hoping not to jinx it). I think I have plans for every night this week. wow! yay for not being a hermit!

Lunch time soon. I hungry. (ordered Chinese food and it smells really really good)
*first prize to be determined later

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