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so, thursday I got sent home from work almost right after I got there. Went to sleep. Found out I was running a 101.5 temp. was coughing a lot too.

friday consisted of sleeping and a 101.5 temp and more coughing. went to see Nayone's show, even though I probably shouldn't have left the house. Was really good. Glad that I saw it.

saturday the temp was down to 100. still coughing. nose started running, a little. people were over, but we didn't do much. fell asleep while people were over.

sunday - called in sick to work. temp the same, coughing the same, nose still running. slept a lot. started to feel somewhat better.

today - called in sick to work. haven't take temp, but head feals clear for the first time in days. coughing gone down, nose is clear. ate something more than soup. still feel a little out of it but will try to go to work tomorrow.
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