Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

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at work

well...i made it into work today. It's strange. I have periods of real clarity where I know that I am doing my job well and then there are the times when everything is all fuzzy again. but i know that I am getting better. I feel a lot better. well...somewhat better.

due to sickness a lot of things didn't get done this weekend. my car still isn't fixed. and neither is my watch (now almost dead) and my necklace. bleh. and there needs to be shopping done. I'm just worried that i'm going to be too dead when i get out of work to go shopping, but i need to. didn't get to see any version of Lysistrata yesterday. oh well.

no buffy tonight. it a re-run and i'm still not feeling well enough to deal with people. I hope to go to bed early tonight (again).

must spend lots of time resting this week because friday i have a date with Nayone :)
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