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My crappy two days!

I have been having a crappy two days.

So, sunday Aerith sugested that I go to Heath Services to have them look at the hole in my foot and to see when my last tetnus shot was.

On monday in riding class, i finally go to ride Cat, but she spooked and I lost one of my stirrups and almost fell off, but didn't. So I switched to Whimsy. Then we learned how to cantar. The horse bucked her head when she cantared. It freeked me out a little bit.

After riding I hobbled over to health services. Took a nice 20 min nap in the waiting room. So, they looked at my foot (couldn't find anything IN the hole) and at my chart and gave me my overdue tetnus shot and made me soak my foot in this stuff that turned my foot yellow.
So now i have to soak my foot in warm water three times a day for 20 min and then put some stuff on it. (guess where my foot is now!)

Aerith was really sweet and came and got me last night and took care of me in my grumpy foot and arm hurtingness. :)

So, today I went to both of my classes (even though I wanted to skip). I was in my room and my daddy called me from Denmark and started yelling at me to get my passport and stuff and didn't care that my arm is killing me and that i'm in a crappy mood. So I yelled "FUCK YOU", hug up, and forwarded my phone to voicemail. Got a message from him which was very appologetic. Called him back. Cried a lot. made up.

Walked into town and found the passport place. Hobbled over to CVS. Got a half-way decent passport photo (got to love digital cameras). Hobbled back to passport place. Sent in forms and payed the nice people.

Hobbled back here. Got ex-pickle bucket from kitchen. Filled it with hot water. Dunked foot.

so, now my arm hurts, my foot hurts AND smells slightly of pickle. I haven't gotten anything that i WANTED to get done (in terms of homework) done. blarg. not happy. I ouch. at least Aerith and Nayone are being really sweet through all of this.

yayness and booness

So, first of all, my favoritist band in the whole wide world released their 4th studio album in Oct 2000. It is FINALLY going to be released in the states on May 7th. Guess who just pre-ordered it on amazon.com via two day shipping? ME!!!

They are going to be on tour in the states. Guess when they are going to be nearish to me? WHEN I'M ALL THE WAY IN EUROPE!! Great, so i finally get to go to Europe in hopes that they might be around, but instead they are coming to the states. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,
well...not all the dates are settled yet, so maybe i can see them! *crosses fingers*