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ouch, my legs are sore

Friday lordaerith and I finished watching Lost season 2. Damn those fucking writers, we hates them my precious!!!!

Saturday lordaerith and artemis42 and I went to breakfast at Sylvester's then we headed over to Amherst and hung out with kjpepper and sundart for a little bit. Headed back to pick up daobear.

In the evening we met up with dawnfeather and her father and saw Cars. Dear lord and lady that was a funny movie. I think the parents were laughing harder than the kids! I know I missed some good lines because I was laughing over them.

Then the 4 of us went out to Packard's for food. I had a DEEP FRIED CHEESEBURGER! It was soooo good!!!!

This morning Aerith and I picked up dawnfeather and then met up with daobear and artemis up in Vermont. We hiked up Wantastiquet Mountain. We took it slow and easy and even though I was the slowest person, no one made me feel bad about it, which I liked. We got a decent way up, but we didn't get to the top. I wanted to, but I knew better than to over exert myself. We came back down and stopped to eat at a really nice outcropping of rock that had a really nice view of Brattleboro, VT. Took lots of pictures and hopefully I'll be able to get them uploaded soon.

aerith and i got primo's for dinner and finished watching all the episodes of Avatar that have been aired on tv. My feet hurt. and my back a bit. and my legs. But i had a good time.